CISV Junior Branch a great way to be involved

Just after World War II had ended a women named Doris Allen realized the secret for true world peace; the secret was children.
With that idea CISV was born. CISV is a peace education organization that was founded by a child psychologist named Doris Allen. Her vision became a program she called Village.
A typical Village plays host to delegations of 11 year old children from 12 different countries.  Each Village lasts one month long and teaches children to become friends through many daily activities.  Frequently, children are using non traditional communication methods, such as hand signals, facial expressions, drawing, etc. because of the language barrier.  Although English is the official language at every program around the world, many kids may not speak proficient English.
60 years later, CISV chapters can be found in over sixty countries.  The United States has 21 chapters and Michigan City is one of the original and is 53 years old.
Each chapter has an adult executive board to take care of the business of running a chapter, and there is a youth component called Junior Branch (JB).  Although CISV was formed to bring children from many countries together, today, CISV holds many activities at the local level.
“CISV is a great organization that fosters a community that is open to diversity and new cultures and ideas,”   said  JB president Dante Cardenas, a senior at Marquette HS.  The Michigan City JB has monthly activities that include service projects, but are sometimes are just for fun—things like bowling, international dinners,  and bonfires at the beach.
“The best part is that everyone is welcome to join us,” said Cardenas.
The Junior Branch  is a great way for kids who do not travel to still be involved in CISV.
This year, CISV Michigan City has international programs for kids ages 11-18.  There will be a Selection Weekend February 8, 2014 to choose delegates to represent the U.S. at programs.  You can find information about the Selection Weekend and local opportunities at the CISV U.S.A. Michigan City web page.
CISV helps youth get involved in their community in a fun way.  It is also a great way to meet new friends from around the community.
CISV is a great organization to be apart of and it is fun for people of all ages. It helps create awareness of all different cultures and ways of life all around the world.

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