The Cityzen


Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

November 6, 2015

According to a study done by MTV in the first week of September, electronic addiction has reached an all time high for both kids and now adults as well. The technology advancements has reached an all time high in the 21st century...

High school will fly by

Lizzie Quinlan and Elizabeth Quinlan

October 7, 2015

Throughout a students four years of high school, we are told by countless adults and other students that these years are not only going to be exciting, but also go by faster than we could ever imagine. As  freshman it is hard...

Absences for Absences

Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

September 25, 2015

There is a policy here at Michigan City High School about tardies and absences. A student can get up to 10 tardies before it is counted as an absence. After 3 absences the student will be suspended. Principles at Michigan City...

April 2, 2015

First passed in 2011 in Indiana, the voucher system is a system that provides scholarships and payment of tuition and fees at a participating Choice School to students who need it. When the scholarship/system was first embedded...

December 16, 2014

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and many people are busy getting prepared for Christmas. Most people are tied up with buying gifts, decorating their homes, and just getting prepared for the holidays in general. More...

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