The Cityzen

2018-2019 Staff

Tori Wilson


Tori Wilson is very passionate about writing. You could say writing is a hobby for her. Writing is something Tori likes to do, so she doesn't mind doing a lot of writing. Wilson gets most of her creative writing from free writing...

Eva Hauber


Eva Hauber is an extremely out going, creative, talkative person. Ever since Eva was younger, she drew all the time as well as writing in journals. To this day she has kept all of her past writings and drawings stored in boxes...

Reese Attar


Reese is a smart, smiley sophomore, who is proud to say that she’s starting off her school year at MCHS right! She decided to join Cityzen this year because she has always been a great writer and reporter. Back in middle sc...

Jibreel Hoskins


Jibreel Hoskins loves making up stories. He has always had a wild, creative imagination, from thinking about having Batman as a best friend, to even having super powers. At age six, Jibreel was involved with a lot of writing....

Anna-Lisse Lenard

Business Manager

Anna-Lisse is a junior and excited to take on the role of business manager this year. After shadowing a journalist for career day in eighth grade, she became fascinated with the idea of going out into the community and looking...

Megan Grams

Sports Editor

Megan Grams is very passionate about her writing, whether it be journalistic or creative writing. Writing is a walk in the park for Grams, she finds that it is a second nature and finds it very easy to express herself. She g...

Erik Hultgren

News Reporter

Writing has not always came easy for Erik Hultgren. From an early age he felt like writing was just a boring necessity that he was forced to do to pass classes. Erik often suffered from writer’s block and had a distaste for th...

Gavin Buchanan

News Reporter

Gavin, a senior at Michigan City High School, came to admire writing and  journalism just as of late. Earlier in life, Gavin did write a few articles here and there for his elementary school’s newspaper. He did not really re...

Emily Gushrowski

Feature Reporter

Writing brings such happiness into the life of senior, Emily Gushrowski.  Emily’s love for writing started as soon as she could write her name.  At age 4, it took a lot of practice to master such a long name, but Emily’s...

Jack Smith


As a kid, Jack Smith was fascinated by the world of reading and thought. With the thirst for knowledge, he decided to take school very seriously and upon finding the study of journalism, he was hooked. Being able to cover sto...

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