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Jack Smith
As a kid, Jack Smith was fascinated by the world of reading and thought. With the thirst for knowledge, he decided to take school very seriously and upon finding the study of journalism, he was hooked. Being able to cover stories that intrigued him and being able to share them with others, was a very big reason as to why he started to pursue journalism as a possible career.

Now, Jack is a Senior at Michigan City High School. As well as newspaper, he is a part of many clubs and other school activities. But most importantly to him, he is on his high school swim team and has been to the IHSAA State Championship Meet for the past two years. Now, he would like to possibly pursue going to college on a scholarship for swimming if given the opportunity.

Work inside the classroom and in the pool, however, is not all that he participates in. He is also apart of National Honor Society, Foreign Language Honor Society, and many other clubs. His favorite is a local nonprofit called CISV. This group is a world-wide organization that gives kids the opportunity to travel around the world and meet other kids, while breaking down stereotypes and other barriers. It also makes a local impact because of the work the group does to help the community from cleaning the zoo, to also helping the homeless, as well as a ton of other things. While these are only a few of the things that Jack does, they probably the most important.

As Editor-In-Chief for the Cityzen Newspaper, Jack looks to help improve the paper in any way he can. He and the other editors would like this to be a very successful year. There are many stories to be covered and with a great staff of writers, and editors they will get the job done!

Jack Smith, Editor-In-Chief

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