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Amira Novitzke

Amira Novitzke, Design Editor and Feature Reporter

This is Amira’s third year on the MCHS’s school newspaper, since her sophomore year her love for Journalism has grown dramatically. Amira feels like her writing and pictures have improved immensely since being on the newspaper. Journalism affects Amira because she likes being able to pick a topic and write as much as she wants and include the fun little things, like pictures and quotes from people around city. She also loves having a free range and being able to talk to many different people around school and around Michigan City. Amira likes to design the pages and has a creative eye for putting the material on the spread.
Amira’s love for journalism began once she starting getting involved and taking photo classes once she started high school. What drove her to take photo classes was because she always liked taking pictures and being in pictures when she was little. Amira wasn’t always a big fan of writing because she had to do it all the time for school. As she began taking classes in high school she learned she had a passion for writing stories. Once Amira realized she has a passion for writing she began writing for fun and kept a journal. To her, writing in a journal nobody was ever going to see, and a published paper was going to be challenging. Once she got into the flow with writing stories everyone would read she began liking it a lot more than she thought. Now she gets to write about whatever topic interests her and adds her love for pictures. Her favorite part about journalism would have to be being able to create a story that she was very proud of and seeing that people are reading it.

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Amira Novitzke