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Jasica Twardus

Jasica Twardus , Staff Artist, News Reporter

It wasn’t until recently that Jasica Twardus discovered her passion for writing.  Actually, she uncovered this love in another country.  She was visiting family in Poland and decided that pictures would simply not be enough to preserve her memories there.  Each day was filled with events that brought new light into her eyes.  In turn, this fresh perspective was written out in her journal.  This way she herself could organize the thoughts, words, and actions that accompany visiting relatives whom you have not seen for twelve years. Jasica hasn’t always felt this way about writing.  Just her teacher saying, “Okay, get a paper and pencil out,” would cause her upper lip to curl in disgust.  Jasica feels that this may be due to thinking of writing in the wrong manner.  She was drilled in school that essays were the equivalent of stressing about grades and refrained from even the thought of writing.  Overtime, with the help of her recent teachers, Jasica was able to remove writing from her list of chores.  It mutated into a form of escape, and peace from the chaos of everyday life. A page and an ink pen can be as therapeutic as any calming rain.  Jasica uses moments on her own to make order of her thoughts and opinions.  No word count or topic matters constrict her.  She is free to write what’s on her mind and thus get it off her mind.  However, she is killing two birds with one stone as she leaves her firsthand account of her daily adventures amongst the pages.  Excerpts like these keep their subjects alive.  Jasica happily recognizes that she can visit her family whenever she pleases.  It is simply a matter of opening the cover of her journal and delving into the story that is her life.

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Jasica Twardus