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Kyle Hurt, Feature Reporter

Kyle Hurt has always loved writing. Ever since grade school he has been writing stories, whenever he could get a chance. Although most people consider writing to be a hobby, Kyle finds it to be more than that. Writing is an escape from reality, like a happy place. Recently, Kyle has gotten into poetry. He uses this form of writing to express his feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Without poetry, Kyle wouldn't be the same. It's allowed him to say what he wants instead of holding it in all of the time.

He doesn't just write poetry; he has found other forms of writing that also interest him. With his love of theater, Kyle has begun writing scripts for plays and musicals. he recently spent the summer writing a musical titled,"Post Cards from Italy". Working on this project taught him a valuable lesson. He learned that writing is a long process and the process is different for every type of writing. Kyle is now interested in learning the process of journalism and seeing what it takes to become a better writer.

Some writers usually stick to a very specific kind of writing. Kyle has made sure to try out all forms of writing. Journalism can be very hard for a writer to work on. One reason being you have to be interested in what you are writing. Passion is very important when writing. Kyle has always loved reading the newspaper. He starts everyday reading the paper, keeping up on local news. Kyle hopes to use the Cityzen as a place where he can share his thoughts and findings on topics he is very interested in, or on things he's curious about. Newspaper will begin a new era of Kyle's writing. He expects many surprises in this newspaper class.


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Kyle Hurt