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Richer Huynh

Richer Huynh, Feature Reporter

Richer Huynh has always loved writing. He looks back on writing scripts with his friends in middle school for silly movie projects as when he first started getting practice for it. To him, writing fulfills for him the need to keep track of thoughts, effectively keeping track of who you are and how you’re progressing, in all aspects, through life. He feels that it’s a mental track to maturity and better perspective. It shows you, when you’re old and gray, how imaginative you were in 6th grade; how much you hated your Algebra teacher in 8th grade; how you thought you loved hip-hop in 10th grade; how you felt when you realized that your 8th grade Algebra teacher was actually a pretty cool dude; how obsessed you were with that one chick in 12th grade; how caught up you were with nonsense; how you finally conquered; how you realized what you really wanted to do with your life after you graduate from college; how distant you were from what you have today. It shows you how much ambition you had at points of victory, and it shows you how much pain and regret you felt in the face of failure. It shows you how far you’ve come in your life as a human being. It reminds you of your strengths and weaknesses in a nostalgic, illustrious history. Because humans love to forget. Just like it’s important for journalists and historians to preserve history in order to prevent future mistakes, it’s important to preserve your personal history, even if it’s only for your eyes. The real purpose is to carefully watch yourself progress. To catch yourself when you falter. And to have a limitless supply of stories for your kids and grandkids. Good luck remembering anything if you don’t write.

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November 19, 2013
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Richer Huynh