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Suzanne Kaiser, Feature Reporter


For Suzanne Kaiser, a senior, writing has always been the key to unlocking new doors; it has led her to contests, money, and even to finding herself.

Kaiser's inclination to write began when she was just a little girl and got her first puppy. When most children acquire a dog their reaction is something along the lines of, "Yay, something cute and fluffy to play with!"  However, Kaiser saw her furry friend's arrival as an opportunity to start a new chapter in her young life. Her writing in school shifted from meaningless rubbish to purposeful stories. In a way, the new puppy represented the start to a new part of Kaiser's life; her love and passion for writing.

The first monumental thing that happened in Kaiser's writing career was in fifth grade. In elementary school, all of the fifth graders were taken to the courthouse to witness a day in court. Upon their arrival back to the school, they were instructed to compose an essay telling about what they saw and learned while they were there. Each school chose one person to represent them in the citywide "Day In Court" essay contest. Kaiser was chosen to represent Lake Hills Elementary School and move onto the final round. While she did not get overall first place, Kaiser won her school competition and received third place overall. Since Kaiser did place in the city's top three, she was awarded a cash prize,

Finally, and most importantly, writing helped Kaiser to find herself. Throughout the years, writing has served as an outlet for her. When words were hard to utter, the pen and paper got them out. Ultimately, without writing, Kaiser would not be who she is today. Though the contests and money were fun, finding out who she truly was is the thing Kaiser loves the most about writing.

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Suzanne Kaiser