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Megan Lynn Mullins
Megan Mullins has been writing since she was six years old. She discovered her love of writing the moment she picked up her pencil and wrote her name on the top of her paper at school. Even before that she would have her grandmother write down the stories she would tell. It was not until she was in 4th grade that she made her writing public for the first time. She entered her essay in a county-wide contest. She wrote a moving piece on her deceased father and the life they shared and brought home the first place trophy. She also writes in her free time, although she does not keep a journal. Writing is a form of expression that Megan enjoys participating in. No matter what the issue maybe good or bad writing is a great way for her to express her true opinion.

When she heard about the opportunity for her to be on the newspaper she jumped at it. She felt that newspaper was a great way to write and get noticed yet not be so personal to the world. Although Megan loves the writing part she enjoys gathering the information she writes about also. Her favorite thing to do in her role in the news paper is to interview fellow classmates. Even though it is only the beginning of her freshman year she enjoys newspaper the most because through writing she can be herself. Megan feels that writing is her true passion so that is why when she grows up she wants to be a journalist for National Geographic or wartime journalist. Megan wants to do this with her life because writing is her calling, her passion, and her future.

Megan Lynn Mullins, Feature Reporter

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Megan Lynn Mullins