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Dalin McCully
Writing is a creative way to convey emotions and ideas for Dalin McCully, a senior at Michigan City High School. Crafting literature is a unique way for Dalin to express herself, and relate with her readers personally. Her love for writing began in seventh grade when she decided to join newspaper club. She wrote articles that centralized their information on an issue or progressive events at her school. It was a positive way to inform her peers about the importance of being active inside and out of school, but it also boosted her confidence in her literary skills. This propelled her to write at school and non-academically. This is her second and last year of being active on The Cityzen Staff, and she hopes to create new content with thought-provoking information and powerful messages for her readers. While being a part of the newspaper, Dalin has a new found appreciation for the administrators and students at MCHS, whom she frequently consults for information and quotes for her articles. When she is not writing, she spends her time with her friends, in the kitchen creating new Cityzen Snacks, drawing, and fulfilling her duties as a student. Writing is a form of liberation for Dalin. She feels it is an ability that has become undermined by menial tweets, messages, debates, and gossip. This was why she decided to join The Cityzen newspaper. She wants to convey her opinions and ideas in a creative way that will inspire her peers to do the same. 

Dalin McCully, Feature Editor

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Dalin McCully