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Lizzie Quinlan
Writing has always been both challenging and rewarding for Lizzie Quinlan, and it often pushes her out of her “quiet” comfort zone. From a young age she would write about anything and everything. Fortunately, creative writing classes had been part of her studies beginning in the first grade. Currently, she is a senior at Michigan City High School, and is starting her fourth year as a staff member of The Cityzen. Since she had a background in creative writing as a younger student, she already knew she wanted to continue with her writing while in high school. Joining The Cityzen seemed like it would be perfect for her. In addition to her interest in writing, she had been strongly encouraged by her three older siblings to become a part of the publication since they were all staff members of The Cityzen throughout their high school careers.

Lizzie enjoys writing for The Cityzen because it is a great way to inform students, staff, and the people of the community interested about news occurring within MCHS, events that are taking place in the community and within MCAS, about other schools in the area, and so much more.

She personally enjoys and finds in interesting to interview people that have had an impact on the community. She likes The Cityzen as a class because it keeps people up to date on not only what is going on in the community but around the world.

Newspaper can sometimes be a challenging class, especially when stories need to be finished and properly placed in order to meet the deadline for printing, but when the paper is finally finished, published, and distributed, Lizzie and the rest of the staff realize all of the hard work and extra time spent perfecting the stories was all worth it.


Lizzie Quinlan, Editor in Chief

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Lizzie Quinlan