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Kaitlin Emerick

   Expressing her feelings and opinions has always been a main priority in Kaitlin Emerick's life. If she isn't verbally expressing them than she is busy writing them down. Writing about these things has always been a sort of way out for Kaitlin. We all need to slip away from the world sometimes to collect our thoughts, and although many don’t seem to realize this, writing is one way to accomplish that. The words she writes are a way for all of us to see into her mind. If she’s feeling upset about something occurring in her life, you’ll be sure to find that somewhere in her journal. If a topic is brought up that she’s passionate about she’ll make sure that her opinion is expressed. Kaitlin’s biggest annoyance is her ability to talk on and on, however when journalism entered her life she found a way to console herself without the help of others.

      Journalism is more than just a best friend to Kaitlin. Journalism is a way for her to converse with others who have the same interests. High school brought many changes into Kaitlin’s life including the loss of many friends she held close. It isn't always easy to discuss your interests and be yourself in front of others you don’t know. In the world now strangers seem to judge you before they get to know you. Writing makes that easier for her; it gives her a chance to make friends with others before she can be judged. She enjoys discussing her passions with others. If you sit down and read her articles, you could be reading hours and hours about art and design, music, and love. These are all things she holds dearly to her. Inside Kaitlin's writing she is herself, passionate and goofy as can be. 

Kaitlin Emerick, Chief Photographer and Reporter

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Kaitlin Emerick