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Katie Bildhauser

      Katie Bildhauser’s love for writing hasn't always been a huge aspect of her life.  Katie started writing in a journal her mom gave her when she was six, where she wrote about her daily life and feelings.  At first, she hated writing, and English was her worst subject in school.  She thought writing was pointless and dreaded it.  Now, Katie loves to write as long as it’s not a boring essay for class.  She enjoys putting her thoughts and feelings on paper.

      Writing helps Katie relax and set her mind free from everything else going on.  She loves getting to be creative while her words just flow onto paper, making a new story.  Katie is now a sophomore and is taking English 10AH and hopes for a challenge.  She loves seeing her writing skills and vocabulary grow.  Her English classes help improve her creativity for her stories.

      This is Katie’s first year on the Cityzen Newspaper staff.  She hopes to continue being on the staff throughout the rest of high school.  Her goal is to improve her writing throughout the years of being on the newspaper staff.  Katie also plays tennis for the Michigan City High School girls tennis team.  She loves to work hard and improve her skills for everything she does.  Although Katie loves writing, she doesn’t enjoy reading very much.  English, math, and science are Katie’s favorite subjects in school.

      In English, Katie likes writing stories about things that she’s actually experienced.  She doesn’t like writing poems or research essays.  When Katie needs help for ideas on stories, she goes to her mom or sister.  She has also travelled out of the country a few times, and always keeps a journal of everything that she did.  Katie loves writing, and it’s a huge part of her life.

Katie Bildhauser, Advertising Manager and Reporter

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Katie Bildhauser