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Sage Santana
For Sage Santana, senior at MCHS, words are a way to gain clarity in the midst of chaos. Sage first expressed an appreciation for writing at a young age, often inventing creative stories to tell friends and family.  However, her appreciation for writing didn't begin until her freshmen year. Sage was graced to be the student of MCHS’ own Monica Handley, who introduced Sage to the vast world of creative writing. Handley often encouraged Sage to write, building her confidence, and developing her appreciation for the craft. It was after this teacher that Sage could find ways to explore her love of writing, and what great outlet it provided. Be it the chaos of daily life, or the hectic navigation of teenage years, Sage believes writing provides a haven to reflect on these things, and a guide to move her forward. Although she prefers creative waiting, Sage is fascinated with the sheer power of words, and often utilizes this power of words to support her in her duty as a Teen Court attorney, keynote speaker for various youth retreats, and other speaking engagements.  Her biggest excitement in her writing today, is to have the opportunity to be on the newspaper team at MCHS. Sage is a strong supporter of the great things writing, language, and communication can provide.  She is aspiring to be a teacher, in hopes of inspiring other students to write, just as her teacher once did for her. If you ask her today what writing is to her, Sage would tell you that it is the window to which one can see others’ perspectives.

Sage Santana, News Reporter

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Sage Santana