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Tamira Hall
Writing is an outlet of expression for Tamira Hall. She first noticed her love for writing when her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Chapman, made the class write stories in three different genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Science Fiction. Tons of ideas flooded her mind at once. Many of her classmates could not come up with topics to write about for their stories. Tamira’s problem was not what she should write about but instead which idea she should pick. The writing assignment excited her. Words left her mind and entered onto the paper through her pencil.
Tamira loves writing because she loves to create. She loves the fact that she has full control over what her stories will contain. Millions of idea fill her mind when she is about to write. She loves to write no matter the topic. Writing is a way for her to tell people what she is afraid to say. She does not talk much so she writes a lot. Notebooks and notebooks with pages filled with stories. Her mind full of words, making those words into sentences, and those sentences into master pieces. Tamira’s writing is not about her expressing her feelings. She likes to make up stories like about unicorns flying over rainbows and licking lollipops.
Writing makes Tamira very happy. She writes stories that will make others as happy ready them as she was writing them. Most people do not like to read sad stories. Tamira is a people pleaser so she gives the people what the people wants. Tamira hopes to one day become a writer/illustrator for children’s books. Writing is her passion. Writing to Tamira is like basketball to a basketball player or like football to a football player. Her mind constantly races with ideas that she cannot wait to make into stories.

Tamira Hall, Feature Reporter

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Tamira Hall