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Tommy Callaghan
Tommy Callaghan has always been a writer and loves it. Not only did his love for writing start early, but his first chances to write stories came when he was only seven years old, in creative writing class. At the time, the stories consisted of out-of-place adjectives and missing words, but it made the grade. When Callaghan started writing, it was purely for assignments. As he got older he began to write stories in his free time, and instead of for homework, it was for fun. Then, as time flew bye, Callaghan’s writing styles changed. From age’s six to twelve, Tommy’s writing was a fun, creative, informal type of writing. Then he began to write formally. From ages thirteen to the present, Callaghan writes very purposefully, while being formal. However, just because his writing was formal, does not mean it was not fun.

To Callaghan, writing has never meant printing words on a page.  To Tommy writing means drafting emotions, imagination, information, and creativity-that is what it will always be.

Throughout Callaghan’s writing career, there has always been a sense of freedom when the time has come to put pen to paper together. Even though writing has always been fun, it was always a tool; whether it was a tool used to get an A on an assignment, a tool to eliminate boredom, or something to just help vent anything in his head.

While many others often found writing as a drag in middle school or elementary school, Callaghan took it as an opportunity to have fun, and will continue to do so.

Tommy Callaghan, Reporter, News Editor

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Tommy Callaghan