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Zahara Schooley
Zahara’s love of journalism has been a progressive journey throughout her life. It all started when she was very young. From the beginning, reading and writing was an instinctive interest of Zahara’s. Getting a new book as a child was like candy. Literature was a whole other world that she was anxious to explore.
In her middle school years, language arts classes were the best part of her eight hour school day. Outside of school, a new genre of reading had sparked her interest. After watching The Devil Wears Prada she was aroused by the world that is fashion magazines. Every month from then on she anticipated her next purchase of Teen Vogue or Seventeen. And so it was, that she had unknowingly fallen in love with the career that is professional journalism.
Incidentally as high school reared its ugly head and the weight of endless responsibilities came along with it, she lost touch with her childhood passion. Reading and writing felt like a chore rather than an enjoyment. August of 2013 rolled around, and all of that changed the minute she walked into her sixth period language class. It was at this moment that Zahara met Christy Shriey; her passion for literature was reborn. Zahara began to read opinion editorials and the New York Times for enjoyment. In class she learned to dissect the English language to connect with a piece of writing. She re-entered the magical world that she once endeavored as a child. She knew early on that year that she would study journalism the first chance she got.
And she did. Zahara currently studies journalism at MCHS and is very excited to be a staff member on the Cityzen. Unsure of where this love for journalism will take her, she is excited for the year ahead.

Zahara Schooley, Feature Reporter

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Zahara Schooley